Improvements Planned for Cañada Boulevard

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Staff from Glendale Public Works, the engineering section of Glendale Water & Power, and Maintenance Services Urban Forestry came together at a meeting on Aug. 14 at city hall to discuss infrastructure improvement plans for Cañada Boulevard. The improvements would stretch along the length of the thoroughfare near Sparr Boulevard past Towne Street.

The project will include improvements to the GWP’s water infrastructure, the planting of new trees and the use of “sharrows.” Sharrows are part of the Bicycle Transportation Master Plan approved by the Glendale City Council. They would implement bicycle lanes along the main corridor of Cañada Boulevard, with a tributary lane on Glorietta Avenue leading into Verdugo Road.

Other traffic improvements detailed were the inclusion of new traffic signals at five points along Cañada Boulevard at Colina Avenue, Wabasso Way, Del Valle Avenue, the eastern leg of Glorietta Avenue and Country Club Drive.

The planting of 60 new trees will be an aesthetic improvement to the area. The trees will also be replacing 12 trees that have been designated as dying or in decline by the city. Others will also be replaced as they would otherwise impede the project.

New sidewalk ramps will also be installed as well as improving existing ones to be compliant with the American With Disabilities Act (ADA). Steps to ensure compliance will include the repairing of sidewalks, upgrading existing ramps and installing new ones, upgrading bus stops, and widen sidewalks three to four feet at driveways for improved access.

The most far-reaching improvements will be to the GWP’s infrastructure. On the area designated for the project, 11,000 ft. of water main cleaning and lining will be conducted, while another 5,000 feet of water mains will be replaced altogether.

The scope of the GWP’s work will include replacing all existing fire hydrant assemblies, the installation of new pipeline isolation valves, as well as the installation of water bypass piping.

City staff noted that the project would make for increased water flow and pressure, improve the taste of water, extend the life of the pipe systems and increase their reliability. The additional fire hydrants, staff noted, would allow the area to be better prepared to fight fires.

According to project representatives, the project, which is scheduled to break ground early next year, will last approximately 180 to 210 calendar days barring any unforeseen conditions.

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