GPD Officer Arrested in Vegas

A Glendale police sergeant was arrested and charged with soliciting prostitution in Las Vegas.

On Aug. 8, Vahak Mardikian allegedly approached an undercover officer in the Flamingo Casino in Las Vegas. According to the criminal  complaint filed by the district attorney’s office in Clark County, Nevada, Mardikian approached the undercover officer, engaged her in conversation and offered her money for sexual acts.

He was arrested on one count of soliciting prostitution, a misdemeanor that can carry a sentence of six months jail time and/or up to a $1000 fine.

“The GPD was contacted by Las Vegas Metro in regards to an incident last week,”said Tom Lorenz, Glendale city spokesman. “We have not received all the information as of yet.”

It is likely the incident will become a personnel matter.

“I cannot comment on personnel [matters],” he said.