Weather in the Foothills

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“How sociable the garden was. We ate and talked in given light.
The children put their toys to grass. All the warm wakeful August night.”
           ~ Thom Gunn, “Last Days at Teddington”

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I know it’s too soon to feel summer is slipping away. The combination of cooler  weather and local schools resuming Aug. 12  are factors. Personally, our family is driving north. Destination? The rain forest of Humboldt County, home to coastal redwoods, “Big Foot” and our son’s senior year at the university. Unique and  amazingly beautiful, situated between the giant trees and the Pacific, it might be a great vacation destination. Leaving your kid at college doesn’t quite fit our definition of a “vacation” though.

Weather-wise our return trip takes us from a chilly forecast and a 20% chance of rain back to warm and dry conditions. Welcome to La Crescenta! According to the calendar, summer is far from over, even though our children are back to school.  Fortunately, we still have Abby at home.

Speaking of dogs (and other pets) – temperatures are expected to start climbing again next week. Children are settled in their air conditioned classrooms. Now what about the other family members? Staying in fashion, they continue wearing fur in spite of the heat.

The following ideas are for Fido and Tiger to ensure a safe and cool remainder of summer.

The American Animal Hospital Association recommends:

• Never leave a pet in the car.

• Water, water everywhere – inside, outside and even on walks.

• Bring them inside if possible, or provide shade.

• Protect paws from hot surfaces.

• Keep up flea/tick control.

• Intestinal hazards include corn cobs, bones, fruit pits and anti-freeze.

• Teach your dog how to exit the pool.

Abby’s recommendations:

• Long naps on cool tiled floors.

• Barbecues with chicken (white meat) and watermelon.

• Long walks, every evening.

• A summer cut for dogs with heavy coats.

• And don’t forget a vacation. The beach, either lake or ocean, works for me.

Cooler than normal weather continues. Slowly a high pressure system over Texas is moving westward. By Monday a warming trend begins with temperatures settling back into a more typical pattern. No heat waves forecasted. Enjoy daytime highs in the 80s and nights with lows around 60 degrees.

Can we please keep the current weather conditions until of end summer?
Sue Kilpatrick is a Crescenta Valley resident and
Official Skywarn Spotter for the
National Weather Service. Reach her at

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