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CV Weekly Presents Campus Safety Seminar

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By Brandon HENSLEY

Going away to college can present students with multiple concerns. One problem that may not be on the forefront of their minds is what to do when an issue of campus safety arises.

On Monday, Aug. 10, Crescenta Valley Weekly will hold the first seminar in a series of serious topics concerning community members at 6:30 p.m. at St. Luke’s Sadler Hall, 2563 Foothill Blvd. The seminar, moderated by Publisher Robin Goldsworthy and reporter Mary O’Keefe, will concern campus safety for both new and current students on college and high school campuses.

The seminar is free and open to the public.

“I think typically questions are going to gravitate toward the college experience because so many people go away to college,” Goldsworthy said. “They don’t go away to high school, if they’re coming from Rosemont [Middle School]. But that information will be there as well.”

Molly Shelton, a senior at Allegheny College in Pennsylvania, will be one of three speakers. Shelton will talk about dealing with issues that many face when they get to college from a heavy class load to how to get along with a roommate.

“It’s easy to get caught up in what your schedule is and decorating your dorm room, but most people  overlook how close campus security is and who to contact after hours,” said Shelton, a Crescenta Valley High School graduate.

Shelton will share issues she has faced at school.

“I had a issue and went in thinking I could fix it without anyone. What happened was I prolonged the problem,”she said.

Others scheduled to speak include Neil Carthew, a representative from the Glendale Community College Police Dept., and Sandra Gomez from L.A. County Public Health. Disaster preparedness will also be touched on. Goldsworthy said making sure students know what to do when an earthquake or other disaster strikes is something that is taught from an early age. But when kids leave home, they’re coming into a new area that presents new challenges.

“Before the kids go away, they typically rely on their parents to be prepared. Now, they [have to prepare themselves],” said Goldsworthy, whose son Andrew attended college out of state upon graduating from high school.

The seminar will also touch on safety for females attending parties. Shelton is part of a sorority that implements safety guidelines while members have a night out.

“It’s a way to keep things fun, keep things light, but also making sure all of the sisters are making the right choices and being aware of everyone around them.”

CV Weekly supports Crescenta Valley High School Prom Plus, which holds an annual after-prom party geared toward safety for students. It also has a student component, Prom Plus Club, for which O’Keefe is a mentor. She said nearly 60% of Prom Plus Club students are headed off to college. It’s important for them to know what to do and where to go on campus if they need to talk to someone.

“What we don’t talk about is how to find campus police,” O’Keefe said. “Is there a campus police officer you can even talk to, and when is it that you’re supposed to say something?”

It’s not just law enforcement that students can turn to in times of trouble. Shelton came from sunny La Crescenta, and it took her a couple of years to adjust to a colder, more overcast climate on the east coast. Weather can play a large role in a student’s disposition when in a new environment, and knowing where to go for counseling can make a positive impact.

“No matter what, college is really hard,” Shelton said. “Being in a place where you can’t come home for the weekend to relax, it makes it more difficult and stressful.”

In the coming months, CV Weekly is hoping to hold more seminars. The next one will center on the drought, both statewide and on a global scale.

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