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July 30
Waltonia Avenue and Park Place in Montrose, a La Cañada man was arrested after a deputy noticed the vehicle he was driving had a partially torn registration tab. After running the plates, the deputy reportedly discovered the registration had expired in December 2012, although the plate tab said 2013. The man allegedly admitted that he had taken the registration tab off a family member’s vehicle and placed it on his car’s license plate. In addition, the man was driving on a suspended license at 9:30 a.m.

Honolulu Avenue and Honolulu Place in Montrose, a 39-year-old Tujunga man was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol at 2:40 a.m.

Foothill Boulevard and Lowell Avenue in Glendale, a 20-year-old Los Angeles woman and a 30-year-old Montrose man were arrested after a routine traffic stop.

Glendale police contacted the driver, the Montrose man, who allegedly told the officer his driver’s license was suspended. The driver had an open pocketknife on his lap. The officer requested he close the knife and hand it to him. He then asked him to step outside the vehicle and sit on the curb. The driver complied. The passenger was also asked to step out of the vehicle; he also complied. A search of the car found the following items: a pry bar, about three feet long, was found between the driver’s seat and side door; a metal fork that was manipulated in a fashion commonly used to break padlocks was found between the driver’s seat and center console; on the driver’s keys was a blank key that can be used to steal certain makes of vehicles.

The Montrose man’s California identification card was found under the center console. In the trunk the officer found 11 syringes, a metal spoon with unknown residue, a pill container with an unknown medication and a plastic container with a broken key. All, along with butane lighter that was found on the driver’s person, are commonly used for injecting narcotics. Other items used in narcotics use were also discovered.

A search of the woman’s purse found more items commonly used for narcotic use.

The driver was arrested for suspicion of possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of burglary tools and driving on a suspended license. The woman was arrested for being in possession of burglary tools and suspicion of being in possession of a controlled substance. It was also discovered that the woman had a warrant in her name for possession of drug paraphernalia. The arrest occurred at 10:12 p.m.

July 29
2900 Franklin Street in La Crescenta, the front passenger side wheel was stolen from a vehicle that was parked at the location overnight.

4700 Hampton Road in La Cañada Flintridge, a sprinkler cap was stolen from the backyard of a home between July 25 and 27.

July 27
2400 block of Harmony Place in La Crescenta, a man reported leaving his locked vehicle and returned to find it unlocked. His glove compartment and center console were open. He discovered a camera was missing from underneath the rear driver’s seat and money and a Bluetooth headset were missing between midnight and 6:30 a.m.

4800 block of Pennsylvania Avenue in Glendale, police responded to a report of a man with a knife threatening a resident. When the officer, arrived he found two men standing by a vehicle parked north of the location. It appeared one of the men was attempting to restrain an older man later identified as a 45-year-old Sylmar man. The suspect appeared to be intoxicated.

July 26
2100 block of Foothill Boulevard in La Cañada, Joann’s Fabrics was vandalized with spray painted graffiti between midnight and 6 a.m.

July 25
4100 block of Commonwealth Avenue in La Cañada, a backpack, video games, sunglasses and other items were stolen from a vehicle between 10:10 p.m. and 11:42 p.m.

July 20
3500 block of Foothill Boulevard in Glendale, Glendale officers responded to a call concerning a woman who was upset at Burger King. When officers arrived, they found the 51-year-old Glendale woman sitting in the outside patio dining area. The officers recognized her as a local transient. When one of the officers asked her what she was doing, she became very angry and argumentative. The officer returned to his vehicle; the woman continued to follow him and yell. She returned to the restaurant and began banging on the glass doors. When officers attempted to arrest her for public disturbance, she resisted and a struggle occurred.

The officers were able to get her into their patrol unit and she was arrested at 11:27 p.m.

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