Woman struck and killed on the 210

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A 55-year-old Montrose woman was struck and killed while walking on the eastbound lanes of the Foothill (210) freeway early Tuesday morning.
Los Angeles County Coroner’s office has released the name of the victim, Linda Georgette Saunders.
The woman had parked her car on the right shoulder of the eastbound 210 near the Ocean View Boulevard exit. She was crossing three to four lanes of oncoming traffic when she was struck at 5:20 a.m., said California Highway Patrol Officer Chris Powell.
“We don’t know why she was crossing at that time,” Powell said.
According to the CHP report, witnesses said the woman was in the second lane when a 2009 Honda struck her.  The driver of the vehicle, later identified as a 65-year-old La Crescenta woman, did not stop at the scene.
The woman drove to Crescenta Valley Sheriff’s Station “within a reasonable time” after
the incident and reported that she hit something on the freeway, apparently unaware she had struck the victim, Powell said.
Los Angeles County Fire Department responded to the accident; the woman was reported dead at the scene. The coroner’s office reported the woman died of multiple traumatic injuries.
The incident is still under

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2 Responses for “Woman struck and killed on the 210”

  1. penny ellis says:

    this was my friend. She died because noone would listen to her when she cried out for help. She was severely depressed . 4 times held on a 5150 at Cedars Sinai , Glendale Adventist, Rosemead Hospitol, and she said she needed to stay but she was released and not stable . She was awaiting ECT but she was denied due to her insurance . She was released to find a 60 thousand dollar bill at her door from MEntal Health Services, NOT provided. I believe this is why she committed suicide.
    I also believe it is our Mental Health System that let her down, that ultimately killed her. Not the Ex boyfriend dying, Not the ex boyfriend who used her , not the Job that took her accounts while she was in the Hospitol, not the work that was dwindling . but the fact is the Mental Health Unit that dragged up the facts that killed her…that she couldn’t bare to explore. They dug it up and than let her go without processing it . Some malpractice no doubt , this needs to be exposed so it doesn’t continue to happen.

    • Lynn says:

      I am so sorry to just be reading this now about Linda. The story between us in complex, but I truly want to say that she did not deserve this end, nor did her beautiful children. The last time I had a long conversation with her was about 5 years ago on a Sunday afternoon. I heard only this morning about what happened to her nearly two years ago. I took two hours out of my day, today, to sit in silent contemplation for her memory. It was about two hours of a conversation I had with her, a few years ago. If I had known she was going through so much after that, gladly never would I had let her go down this road. My grandmother killed herself when my dad was six years old. I totally have deep feelings for what her family must still be experiencing in the hurt left behind. Linda Saunders was a kind, benevolent person. I miss knowing she no longer is here with us.


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