Accident on Ramsdell

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Two women were transported to the hospital and a woman driver was arrested for driving under the influence after the green Kia Spectra they were traveling in hit a parked car and became airborne before landing on its side on Ramsdell Avenue Friday night about 11 p.m.
Ed Lovato was traveling southbound on Ramsdell Avenue above Montrose Avenue just south of the bridge that crosses over the Foothill (210) freeway when he received a call on his cellphone.
“I pulled [my car] over to the side [of Ramsdell Avenue] to take the call,” Lovato said.  “I saw this car [Kia] come flying up the street.  They were going about 50 to 60 miles per hour. The engine was racing really fast.  The car hit a parked car and flew up [in the air]. The car didn’t have its light on.”
There were three adult women in the vehicle.  “The girl  [in the front passenger seat] began screaming for help,” Lovato added.
Neighbors came out of their homes as Lovato yelled for someone to call 911. They tried to calm the women telling them help was on the way.
“The [Los Angeles County] Fire had to cut the roof off to extract the victims,” said Sgt. Eric Broneer, California Highway Patrol.
Broneer said the three occupants were transported to the hospital with minor to moderate injuries.
“The accident is still under investigation,” Broneer said.
The names of the accident victims were not released at the time of the accident.
Several Crescenta Valley Sheriff, CHP and fire department vehicles filled Ramsdell Avenue and helicopters flew above homes.  The commotion caused many of the residents to come onto the street.  Several commented on seeing a child’s car seat that lay at the side of the vehicle, concerned it had been occupied at the time of the accident.  Broneer confirmed there was no child in the car at the time of the accident.

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