Glendale City Council Approves Improvements for GWP, CV Streets

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Glendale City Council approved the awarding of a construction contract worth $506,102.55 to American Asphalt South, Inc. for the application of a new slurry seal on pavement in the Montrose and La Crescenta areas. A slurry seal is a liquid mixture of fine sand and oils that is laid over asphalt to seal up cracks, improve the ride quality and extend the life of the street.

The City Council also approved a new computer maintenance management system for the GWP’s water department. The new system is a much-needed improvement over the GWP’s existing one which was described as “obsolete” by Peter Kavounas, the GWP’s assistant general manager of Water Services. The proposed system, which would cost the city $457,814, came under intense scrutiny by Councilman Rafi Manoukian.

“Half a million dollars is a big contract for a computer maintenance management system,” said Manoukian.

“We believe it’s a fair price to pay,” replied Kavounas.

Kavounas also assured the City Council that competitive bidding for the contract was held and that the final choice was made after sifting through proposals from five companies.

“We received five proposals. We interviewed two of them; we selected this one,” said Kavounas.

City Manager Jim Starbird also reminded the City Council that the other bids ranged from $233,000 to $613,000. With Starbird’s urging, Kavounas also reminded the city of the necessity of installing the new system to oversee the GWP’s massive infrastructure.

“We believe this [system] will give better maintenance at a lower cost,” added Kavounas. “The water system comprises of a large system of components. We have two treatment plants, 35 storage facilities – in total we have over 70 sites that we need to operate and maintain. This [new system] will help us keep it all together.

“Believe me, the cost is justified,” he added.

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