Meatball Returns for a Snack

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Photos courtesy of the MacDonald Family

Photos courtesy of the MacDonald Family

Photos courtesy of the MacDonald Family
Around 2 a.m. on Monday morning, Meatball returned to the MacDonald home in Upper Briggs Terrace. After enjoying a hearty meal, he apparently took out the trash.

Meatball was banished on April 11 far into Angeles National Forest, but apparently not quite far enough. He was seen by Kelly MacDonald on June 21 as he roamed her backyard.

“It was during the day, about noon [on the 21st]. I was unloading the car getting ready to do errands,” she said.

MacDonald has lived in the area for a long time and as seen her fair share of bobcats, mountain lions and even bears. She looked in the backyard and saw a “big, brown furry bear crawling around the bushes near our pool.”

She ran into the house and screamed at her mom that there was a bear in the backyard. “We grabbed our cameras,” she said.

“He was up on the grass,” MacDonald said. “He looked like he was going to take a nap but then he crawled over the fence.”

California Dept. Fish and Game spokesman Andrew Hughan advises the public to remain cautious when encountering a bear and reminds residents that bears are attracted to trash.

“We encourage everyone to keep the areas around their home cleaned up and eliminate food that may tempt [bears],” stated Hughan.

Residents should heed Hughan’s warning or they might have Meatball come by to take out their trah.

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