Man Arrested for DUI in CVS Parking Lot

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A man was arrested in the CVS parking lot in the early morning hours on Monday after an employee reported she thought he might have been driving under the influence.

An employee at CVS Pharmacy reported that about 2:15 a.m. she observed a man, later identified as George Stephanian, 35, of Montrose drinking and then driving in the parking lot.

The CVS employee allegedly reported to the police that she had observed Stephanian crouched down near the end of an aisle drinking from a bottle of brandy. When he was done drinking, he placed the bottle behind on a shelf behind some chips and walked away. He walked to the front of the store and began to pace. The employee asked Stephanian if he was all right, he told her he was waiting for a prescription. The employee then checked with the pharmacist who reportedly told her the prescription the man was attempting to purchase had already been refilled and was not available.

Stephanian was then observed exiting the store, getting into his vehicle and drive away. He stopped near the exit of the parking lot. The employee called the police.

When the police attempted to speak with Stephanian his answers were allegedly inconsistent. He reportedly told officers he had stopped at the exit of the parking lot because he decided to call his mother.

He was arrested for DUI and placed into the police unit. While in the patrol vehicle he allegedly kicked the top of the window frame and bent it. He did not damage the glass.

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