Big Rigs Make for Big Headaches

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Photo by Jason KUROSU Big rig trucks have reduced parking availability along overpasses causing grief for many residents.

Photo by Jason KUROSU
Big rig trucks have reduced parking availability along overpasses causing grief for many residents.

Frustration continues for local residents as 18-wheel trucks take up chunks of parking along major streets.

The 4th of July celebrations at La Crescenta Elementary left many scrambling for a parking spot on Thursday. And there was little hope for free space on the freeway overpasses along Ramsdell, La Crescenta and Briggs avenues, which were occupied by several 18-wheel trucks.

Crescenta Valley Town Councilmember Harry Leon said that while the number of parked trucks was higher than usual on the 4th, it was not an isolated occasion.

“They’ve been parking there, taking up 3½ car lengths worth of space,” said Leon. He added that he has tried pushing the issue at town council meetings and hopes that the county can enforce an ordinance to keep trucks from parking in town for more than a few hours at a time.

“We’re well aware of the problem,” said council president Cheryl Davis. “We see it everyday. But you have to be careful. We don’t want to hurt anyone living in our neighborhood with any restrictions.”

But Leon doesn’t think the big rigs are owned or driven by local residents.

“Most of these are coming from out of town. I’m going around, seeing trucks from Riverside and San Bernardino parked here for long periods of time,” said Leon.

The town council has had public hearings on the big rig issue that resulted in parking restrictions implemented along the overpass of Ocean View Boulevard in March 2011.

The Ramsdell Avenue freeway overpass is a particularly sensitive area as that is space needed for Crescenta Valley High School students to park their vehicles.

“When [big rigs] park there, they are taking parking away from our high school students,” Leon said. “Our students are getting parking tickets while the trucks are taking up spaces they could be using.”

Leon said the trucks also present a hazard for drivers trying to exit driveways flanked by big rigs, which block the view of oncoming traffic.

Residential streets are not the only parking areas favored by the 18-wheelers, however.

“One of the trucks was parked in front of the Fire House [on Foothill Boulevard and Rosemont Avenue], close to my car,” said Davis. “I told the driver that I had seen him parking there overnight before and that he was taking up four parking spaces on a regular basis. He told me, ‘If it’s illegal, they’ll ticket me,’ before moving his truck.”

Cindy Cleghorn, of the Sunland-Tujunga Neighborhood Council, said the Tujunga board has tried passing motions on big rig trucks in the past.

“The problem is enforcement,” said Cleghorn.

Leon agreed. “They’re taking advantage of the leniency of the [county],” Leon said of the area drivers.

The big rig issue is not limited to the Crescenta Valley. Earlier this week, San Diego’s city council adopted parking restrictions on oversized vehicles, which could potentially lead to a citywide, overnight parking ban on big rig trucks in the future.


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18 Responses for “Big Rigs Make for Big Headaches”

  1. DE says:

    Truckers be consider of others. When a truck is not in use, return it to the truck yard and not in front of our churches on Sundays on Montrose Ave., not in front of the Womans Club when they are having a big event, and not on our fwy overpass where the students park for CVHS. The graduation, the 4th fireworks and just a few inconsiderate big rig drivers have left their trucks near the high school prohibiting others from parking.

    No one is saying we don’t like truckers or need trucks on our streets. We are just asking the 4 truckers who use our unincorporated area as a storage yard to stop.

    • CB says:

      @DE Exactly! Example check out Briggs where someone is storing their beat up jeep and trailer with a beat up boat. It doesn’t even look like it will float. You want to own it, you pay for storage of it, not move it around the bridges for you to save money. You can’t afford it, get rid of it. By the looks of it, no one would buy it. All the other towns have restrictions, why is it our town that doesn’t and has to take on this burden. Build a nice truck rest area up the 2 or 210 freeway. Charge for parking. Hey put in a nice restaurant or fast food place. Create jobs and eliminate the problem. They built a nice baseball area on the 2, do the same for the trucks. BTW the law for LA states it is illegal to park on a bridge, a friend of mine had her front bumper section of her car on the bridge and was given a ticket. Why are they getting special treatment. First law being broken – No vehicle may be parked continuously at one location on any public roadway for more than 72 hours. Second law being broken – Parking is prohibited in an intersection or a crosswalk, within 15 feet of a fire station driveway or fire hydrant, in front of a public or private driveway, on a sidewalk or parkway*, on the roadway side of a parked vehicle (double parking), in a bus stop, in a tunnel, upon a bridge (unless otherwise posted) or in such a manner that obstructs the free use of the street.

  2. CV Town Council will hold a public forum where the community can voice their opinion on the subject. Thursday August 15, 7:00 pm La Crescenta Library. This will be the main agenda item.

    In the mean time visit the council website and take our two question survey on the issue:

  3. CB says:

    The trucks I see have company names and addresses that are in local area towns. Let them park at their business! Sylmar??? Really,???? Same trucks parking here every week.

  4. CB says:

    I have a feeling the ones defending the trucks parking by MY house are the ones parking the trucks!

  5. Ron Ruppe says:

    If a community doesn’t want trucks and truckers, they could pass laws outlawing truck traffic and hire Sherpas to haul goods into the towns stores.

  6. melissa rhyne says:

    Leave our truckers alone !!! They do a tuff job every day, for every person in america. If you use toilet paper, (and I hope you do), a trucker hauled it. There are so many restrictions weighing them down already, that they are stressed to the max. Limits on weight, height, hours. Leave them alone !!

  7. kelly siino says:

    wow really suppose that these drivers live in these neighbor hoods also they pay taxes why cant they park in there neighbor hoods its only yours?you need a reality check lady get it outta your head your entitled to go and do whatever you like and they can come bring you your goods but as soon as YOUR done with them they need to get out of YOUR way thats what im saying people and their self entitled bs is beyond crazy…i hope you ppl do pass it and all the drivers and companys refuse to enter you special little small town city so you can take your special little small town mind somewhere else to get your goods…

  8. Sandie says:

    I think we ALL APPRECIATE how hard truckers work to bring us food, clothing, etc. We are not discussing truckers who stop to sleep. We are discussing truckers who PARK their big rigs in residential neighborhoods and in front of our high school for days, sometimes weeks at a time. These areas are not truck stops and are not appropriate parking areas. They are in our neighborhood. We bougt homes here to enjoy the small town atmosphere and enjoy the view. We also pay property taxes to have Gold Medal winning schools. If you’re not ok with that, you probably don’t live in this area and perhaps you should post a sign in front of your house and designate it a “Big Rig Parking Area.”

    • Missy Iler says:

      Truck drivers are a staple to society. Everything you touch or get in a store was once delivered by a truck somehow. Our county has placed a restriction on parking these vehicles in our yards and I think this is crazy enough. Where do you expect trucks to park. If you can not offer a parking lot for these men and women when they do get to come home then what are they supposed to do? If you have never been a truck with a trucker you could never understand the stress of their job. As a trucker’s wife I know this first hand. Not only are they spending time away from their families but they are dealing with deadlines, traffic and people who do not understand that those big trucks can not maneuver like their cars can. IT is time that this country starts showing a little respect for these men and women who battle every day to get the things we need to us. Most of these would much rather be at home with their families. I have not posted to offend but to maybe bring a little insight to the inside of the trucker’s life and their families. Please have enough respect for them to at least give them some parking spots. God bless each and every one of you reading this. Missy Iler

    • CB says:

      Agreed Sandie. I see the same trucks with business names that are a few towns over. They are using the bridges as storage. It looks horrible. I pay high taxes for a nice town atmosphere and some guy from Sylmar parks his truck here and has someone pick him up and drop him off every morning. I wonder why he doesn’t park in front of his house. Hmm maybe because it is against the law.

  9. kelly siino says:

    well said michelle get your goods from somewhere else then… at some point ppl need to stop using there kids as a crutch to get what they want im sure all the terrorist in foreign countries are targeting your kids school in no wheres ville as the next 9/11 get a grip ladies the truth is these drivers are in your precious little way get a grip.. jump in your luxury car and drive over one or two cities to get your goods truckers are stronger and more organized then your little city they can and will refuse to enter your cities with the goods you need to survive if you make it too hard for them to get the one thing they need to have behind the wheel SLEEP…would you rather they parked and slept or tried to drive out of your city sleepy and dangerous behind the wheel…

    • Angie says:

      Do you not realize how the stores in your city get their items to sell you such as: school supplies for the school you say they are parked by, gas for the cars that you say you cannot find a space to park them, even the newspaper ink & paper this article was written on came from one of those trucks you are whining about.? And fyi: There is new federal laws in place which REQUIRE a trucker to be stopped/sleeping for so many hours a day. Believe me, bashing the truckers because of a little inconvenience to you is probably not the smartest thing to do. Truckers will refuse to take loads to your town and it will effect your local economy because the price of your retail items will skyrocket. Think wisely.

  10. Carolyn Edwards says:

    Oh wow really people I think all the un appreciation is just wrong and maybe all these people complaining should get a job transporting all there needs to there local stores there dang self’s soccer moms and Mini vans away better be glad they have that souped up grocery getter they will need it going to the next town over to get their things GRRRRR Truckers keep on TRUCKING God Speed

  11. Sandie says:

    We do not know what is in those trailers. Yet, they are allowed to park in residential areas and in front of our High School. The safety issue of that alone, in this day and age, should be more than enough reason to adopt parking restrictions on big rigs.

    Also, they park under the overpass at Pennsylvania Ave. obstruct almost the entire right lane on each side.

  12. Michelle says:

    Don’t want trucks parking in your city? Well then I suggest you have fun getting all of your merchandise from the next city over that does allow them to.

  13. kelly siino says:

    you all should be ashamed of yourselves these drivers stay away from their families and homes to literally bring you everything you have food,water,clothing the very vehicles you say they are blocking and you cant be bothered to allow them to stop and sleep for a little while because it could slow down your day!!! get over yourselves and stop being so damn selfish you would have access to nothing if these drivers didnt bring it to your town the very least you can do is shut the hell up and deal with it…i know how about you leave your house 5 minutes early just in case a trucks in your self indulgent spoiled rotten ungrateful path

    • CB says:

      They don’t stop and sleep, they park the trucks there and have someone pick them up and take them to their home in another town. They don’t want to make their neighborhood tashy. One truck here parks is from Sylmar! I have witnessed them dropping it off and getting in another car! They should park in their own neighborhood, I pay high taxes, I don’t want it looking like an industrial area. It is also difficult to get out of my driveway. If it doesn’t bother you, then let them park in front of your house, make your house a truck stop.

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