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Thousands Affected by Power Outages

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About 5600 Glendale Water and Power customers in the Montrose area have been affected by a power outage since 3:19 this afternoon. The affected area stretches from Bagdad Place to New York Avenue. The cause has yet to be determined, however it may be due to heavy usage of power.
Crews are working on finding the cause and restoring the power.

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1 Response for “Thousands Affected by Power Outages”

  1. bob says:

    We always get crapped on up the hill. We are always having power problems. High usage? B.S. Not from the residents in the areas that are out. Most work all day and probably aren’t even home. Try asking the brain child responsible for thea over building and the over crowding in this city. How about another Americana or some more office buildings ( most who work in them all day don’t live in Glendale) or some more “affordable ” housing projects. The ones packed with Mercedes, BMWs etc. Bet their AC isn’t out. Point the finger in the right direction.

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