Meatball sighting

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Around 2 a.m. on Monday morning, Meatball returned to an Upper Briggs Terrace home. After enjoying a hearty meal, he apparently took out the trash.

Thank you to Tim and Kelly MacDonald!

Dining in Upper Briggs Terrace!

Meatball cleaning up after himself.

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2 Responses for “Meatball sighting”

  1. A Neighbor says:

    Bear was in our backyard last night at midnight – Upper Briggs Terrace area. Could not see if it was tagged, but it destroyed a bee hive and took a box of honeycomb with it.

  2. M Smythe says:

    10:10 pm last night, huge bear in our pool w. orange tag on r.ear. We scared him out of pool, he climbed over rear wall. We had seen him walking on sidewalk prior, in front of house He stayed around our property hiding in brush- then saw him walking up same sidewalk 11:15 pm. Described him to GPD – two units came to house – they confirmed bear as “Meatball.” First bear sighting up here. Cops scared, did nothing beyond announcing bear sighting on car speaker from street, and then only at my request.

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