Three arrested on suspicion of burglary


Three suspects, two adults and a juvenile were arrested on Frederick Avenue and Paraiso Way on suspicion of receiving stolen property, burglary and conspiracy to commit a burglary.

Travis Morgan, 19, from La Crescenta, Kenneth Payer, 19, from Marina Del Rey and a 16-year-old San Pedro boy were arrested on July 6 at about 3 a.m. after officers found the boys walking in the Frederick Avenue and Paraiso Way area.

Officers allegedly witnessed two of the suspects, later identified as Morgan and Payer, walking south on Frederick Avenue.  They began talking to the two and noticed an iPod on the sidewalk near Morgan. Both denied it belonged to them. Morgan reportedly told the officers that he and Payer were walking to a friend’s home on Markridge Road, but he could not remember his friend’s name.

Payer allegedly told officers he and Morgan were just going for walk and wanted to stop by a friend’s house. His friend was not home so they began to walk back to Morgan’s home.

Due to the number of vehicle and residential burglaries in the area officers were concerned about why the boys were walking in the neighborhood at the early morning hour. One of the officers patrolled the nearby area and found a juvenile underneath the back end of a Chevy Tahoe that was parked on Frederick. He reportedly told officers he was hiding because he did not want to get in trouble. Officers searched the area where they first encountered the two suspects and where the juvenile was found. The officer found another iPod.

An officer searched the path the boys claimed to have traveled and discovered two vehicles with doors ajar and interior lights on.  They contacted the owners and one identified one of the iPod’s as hers.

“We believe these individuals are [probably] responsible for several of the vehicle burglaries in the area,” said Sgt. Tom Lorenz.

Officer Matt Zakarian added that many of the vehicles recently burglarized did not have their doors locked.Leaving your doors unlocked and items in your vehicle is an invitation to those who would commit burglary, he said.

“If these [burglary suspects] go from car to car and don’t find any unlocked doors they will leave, “ Zakarian said. Unlocked doors invite these types of crimes into a neighborhood, he added.

The three were arrested. The juvenile was identified as a runaway from San Pedro.

Anyone with information concerning vehicle burglaries should contact the Glendale Police Department at (818) 548-3140.