CVWD Reduces Water Rate Increase, Postpones Sewer Rate Increase

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On June 30, the Crescenta Valley Water District (CVWD) Board of Directors adopted Fiscal Year 2015-16 budgets for the water and wastewater funds. The board conducted extensive deliberation regarding the water budget and rates. The California drought and state mandated reductions in water use have resulted in significant reductions in water sales revenue. Fiscal Year 2014-15 water sales are down 14% from FY 2013-14 and are projected to decline an additional 10% in FY 2015-16.

In April 2015, CVWD management presented a preliminary budget with reduced operating and capital expenses. The CVWD board requested an additional reduction of budgeted expenses exceeding $600,000.

Following the board discussion, which included comments from members of the public, the CVWD board voted 3 – 2 to borrow $2 million from funds held in reserve for MTBE mitigation and reduced the 8.2% recommended water rate increase by adopting a 5.7% increase. Also, citing increased reserves in the wastewater fund, the board unanimously approved deferring a previously approved 4.4% increase in sewer rates to July 1, 2016.

“This will be a challenging year dealing with the state mandated water use reductions and resulting declining revenues while maintaining an aging infrastructure to provide safe reliable water supply,” said Tom Love, CVWD’s general manager.  “I am confident in the capability of the district’s staff to meet these challenges and continue to provide reliable and economical services to the community.”

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