Hikers Dog Tired

MSR members help with the rescue of a dog too tired to make the trip back out of the Angeles National Forest.


UPDATED VERSION : Monday 4:45 p.m.


Montrose Search and Rescue responded to a call concerning two stranded hikers and their dog.

A La Cañada father, daughter and their dog were being walked out of an area in Angeles National Forest about 200 yards north of Brown Mountain Dam, said Sgt. Gonzales, Crescenta Valley Station.


“They got off the trail,” Gonzales said of the hikers.”They had been hiking six-and-a-half hours and their dog got tired.”

John Rodarte, MSR team member, said the dog’s paws were bleeding.

They were hiking from Switzer Falls to Jet Propulsion Laboratory, added Rodarte.

“[The father] had hiked the trail several times but not since the Station Fire,” he said.

The Station Fire destroyed or damaged many trails.

“They were about 200 yards north of the dam near Oakwilde Campground at the bottom of the Arroyo Seco,” said John Camphouse, MSR captain, of where the hikers were found.

Camphouse had the team divide into two sections, one went at the bottom of the Arroyo Seco with a wheeled litter basket. The other rescuers went to the top of the dam.

“Our first team [at the top] met up with the father, daughter and dog,” he added.

Those at the bottom of the dam pulled the litter basket up to the top and the dog was placed in the litter.

“The dog was about 11 years old,” Rodarte said. “At one point [during their hike] they saw a bear. They continued to hike but the dog was tiring out and started lying down in the stream. The father had even hiked with the dog on his shoulders for awhile.”

When the trio got to an area where they had cellphone reception, the father called home, told his wife what had happened and asked for help.

Two officers from the U.S. Forest Service found the worn out hikers and waited with them until MSR hiked back to them.

“It was a 40 minute hike,” Camphouse said.

The team was able to get the hikers and the dog back to the area where their vehicle was parked.



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  1. KD6TAV   July 4, 2012 at 8:03 am

    So glad that everyone made it out safe and that the dog is okay. Cell phones dont work everywhere. In cases like this a ham radio would have helped call for help sooner than roaming around looking for a cell phone signal. When all else fails get on the air with ham radio. I use ham radio when I go offroading to stay in contact. You need a license to you the ham radio but it is a simple test and costs about $10. Look into it at http://www.arrl.com

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