Snap, crackle, and pop – don’t forget about your pup!

By Odalis A. SUAREZ

As the fourth of July approaches this weekend, be sure to consider how the snap, crackle, and pop can affect your furry critters at home. Veterinarian Dr. James Speas from Crescenta-Cañada Pet Hospital gives pet owners a few tips to assure your pet stays calm and safe that night.

Medicinal Remedies

•“We [use] a tranquilizer called Acepromazine,” explained Dr. Speas. “It’s a very safe tranquilizer.”

Speas also mentioned the use of anti-anxiety medication “like valium” he said. “[It will help pets] get through a fireworks show and it will wear off.”

Non-Medicinal Remedies

•“If you can be with your pet, engage them in some kind of activity,” advised Speas. “[Without] loving support, it will reinforce that fear in them. You want to distract them from the fireworks, keep them active.”

•If you plan on leaving your pet home alone that evening Speas suggests that, “[You] put them in a safe area like a crate or a bedroom. Keep it kind of dark and bring in some other noise, like a stereo.”