Sex Registrant Arrested on Foothill


Glendale police arrested a transient listed as a sex registrant on Foothill Boulevard shortly after midnight on June 21.

A Glendale police officer noticed what appeared to be a male transient walking along the north curb of Foothill Boulevard near Dunsmore Avenue at 12:42 a.m. The man seemed to need to balance himself by holding a nearby wall as he was walking.

The officer reported smelling a strong odor of alcohol as he approached the man, later identified as Raymond Gonzalez, who allegedly told officers he had been arrested several times for urinating in pubic. When asked if he was a sex registrant Gonzalez reportedly yelled at the officers denying he had molested any kids.

He allegedly told officers that he had been a transient for many years and was not concerned about any warrants or tickets that were in his name.

After an investigation officers found several citations in Gonzalez’s pocket, one of them was for urinating in public.  After further investigation it was discovered that Gonzalez was in fact a sex registrant that was out of compliance due to the fact he had not registered since February 2012. He was required to register every 30 days due to his transient status.

He allegedly told officers he never stays in one city for more than five days and was not concerned about registering, tickets or any warrants. Gonzalez was arrested for not being in compliance with his sex registrant status.

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