CV Detectives Find Perfect Gem

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Over the past several weeks, Crescenta Valley Station detectives have been involved in a burglary investigation in the station’s jurisdiction wherein a family member had maliciously stolen property from an elder.  Among the items stolen was a gem believed to have been worth between $250-300,000.

Through the use of good old fashion detective work done by lead Detective Todd Sams, a search warrant was executed at a location in the city of Los Angeles and the gem was recovered.

The recovered gem was subsequently taken to a professional jeweler who said that this was the most perfect diamond he has ever seen.  He valued the diamond in excess of $600,000.00.  Even though the diamond is very valuable, it is priceless to the victim.


As the known suspect is still outstanding and as a means to protect the victim from future thefts, their identities will not be made known; however, the victim was most appreciative of the Crescenta Valley Station detective’s efforts and of the major recovery.

“I am very proud of the work our station detectives do on a daily basis, and this is just an example.  They are dedicated, hard-working and I am appreciative of their commitment to their duties and the community,” said Capt. David Silversparre.


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  1. CV Examples says:

    This is happening every where, my neighbors are 2 old people, with there son working in U.S, there maid stole many valuable items and it was difficult to confirm she was doing until a CC camera was placed by me in secret. People have become trust less. @ Lisa

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