Building on Pennsylvania

by Michael YEGHIAYAN

At its most recent meeting, the Crescenta Valley Town Council explored a number of issues and their respective impact on the local community. Among the business discussed by the council was the potential traffic-related impact of a new housing development on Pennsylvania Avenue, located just north of the westbound 210 freeway onramp, as well as the expiration of the trash collection agreement in the La Crescenta area.

Although the 30-unit project, dubbed the “Pennsylvania Courts,” is being constructed within the City of Glendale and not the unincorporated area of La Crescenta, there were some concerns that the adjacent streets would be strained by additional vehicular traffic. However, plans for an island designed to prevent left turns onto Pennsylvania Avenue have alleviated some of the council’s concerns.

“From my understanding, the issue has apparently been resolved,” said CV Town Council Vice President Frank Beyt. “To be completely clear, this project is not in the domain of the council, but it would appear that it will not significantly impact traffic in La Crescenta.”

The multi-family units are being constructed by Gangi developments.

Another topic of discussion was the expiration of the contract between Los Angeles County and Allied Waste Services, opening the bidding for other companies looking to provide waste removal services in La Crescenta. Allied Waste Services was awarded an exclusive seven year contract with the La Crescenta and Montrose areas in 2007. The franchise area waste collection system has been used by the county to avoid a fractured system associated with multiple contractors servicing different parts of an area.

Although he is open to the prospect of a new contractor, Beyt spoke highly of the service  Allied Waste has provided over the last seven years.

“Allied Waste has been a very good supplier to us and responded during the fires with strong service. Every time we have needed something, they have provided for us well,” said Beyt. “They have done what I consider to be a good job, but we are not the decision makers. I trust the county to select the best service for the area.”

The Los Angeles County Dept. of Public Works is accepting bids for the contract and is expected to make a decision in the fall.