Abandoned 76 Station Remains in Limbo

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The 76 gas station at 2384 Foothill Blvd. has been desolate for months, cordoned off by traffic poles and caution tape, prompting questions about its closure and whether a reopening is in its future at all.

La Cañada Enterprises, Inc., which owns the station, was recently posted on the California Board of Equalization’s top 500 Sales & Use Tax Delinquency List, which compiles the 500 largest delinquent tax accounts over $100,000. The list, which is posted on the board of equalization’s website, indicates that La Cañada Enterprises Inc. owes $520,257. The company’s powers have been suspended in the meantime, which may mean imminent losses of professional licenses, as well as other penalties.

The board could not speak further as to how far along the company had come in repaying those taxes, due to taxpayer confidentiality.

Samira Shirzad, the owner of La Cañada Enterprises Inc., could not be reached for comment, so whether the taxes will be paid back or whether the station will be reopened under new ownership remains in question.

Romelia Hinojosa, communications advisor for Phillips 66, which owns the Union 76 brand, said, “We are working with the current operator to get the site reopened.” Hinojosa did not elaborate on a potential reopening date nor as to the circumstances of the station’s closure.

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