La Crescenta Off the RICS Table

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After Thursday night’s “no” vote by the Crescenta Valley Town Council concerning the LA-RICS (Los Angeles Regional Interoperable Communications System) project, President Robbyn Battles received a letter from Los Angeles County Supervisor Michael Antonovich to the project’s executive director Patrick Mallon requesting to “eliminate the La Crescenta sheriffs station site from the LA-RICS.”

The project has been hotly contested by residents who were concerned about safety issues.  Residents in the audience at last night’s CVTC meeting, as well as in past meetings, voiced their disapproval over the tower, saying it would emit harmful electromagnetic radiation, as well as affect property values.

LA-RICS is intended to give first responders a network independent of commercial cell networks, particularly for scenarios when cell networks go down, such as earthquakes or other major disasters.

A proposal to develop a dedicated communications system for emergency responders throughout Los Angeles County has not gone without opposition, but plans for the construction of cell towers are still ongoing, including a cell tower that was proposed to be erected at the Crescenta Valley Sheriff’s Station.

Below find the letter from Supervisor Antonovich:

LA-RICS_Cresenta Valley_061915

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