Bill Dance Finds New Groove as Assistant Chief of CHP

Capt. Bill Dance of the Altadena Station has been named as the new assistant chief for the California Highway Patrol Southern Division.

By Brandon HENSLEY

By the way members of the Crescenta Valley Town Council were talking last week, it’s not only the Altadena California Highway Patrol station that will be missing one of their own come September, it will also be residents of CV.

Capt. Bill Dance of the Altadena Station has been named as the new assistant chief for the California Highway Patrol Southern Division.

“I’ve been a captain for eight and a half years and I’ve been able to affect a certain amount of people as a captain and I feel as an assistant chief I’ll have a greater impact on people as far as the Highway Patrol,” said Dance in a phone interview last week.

Dance has already been training for the job in Glendale, where he will be stationed, although the official first day will be Sept. 1.

Dance became a captain in 2004 for Altadena. Prior to that, he was commander of the communications center for the station. He is from Indiana, and spent time in the Air Force from 1985-1989, where he was honorably discharged.

Dance said he has enjoyed working with the Town Council and other aspects of Crescenta Valley life.

“It’s such a great place to work. I wish I could live in that area, it’s a beautiful area,” Dance said.

Town Council President Cheryl Davis said Dance has been very easy to work with, and said he could always be spotted at key local events, such as the Hometown Country Fair.

But the one thing both Davis and councilmember Robbyn Battles both said was Dance’s best trait was how easy it was to work with him. Davis called him “very responsive.”

“He’s a wonderful presence to have around because if we need anything we can just call him anytime,” she said. “You would think you’d have a hard time getting to a captain, but you can always pick up the phone [and talk to him].”

“I had a meeting with Capt. Dance when I first started with all my pedestrian safety, and all it took was one phone to his office,” said Battles, “and he was so supportive.”

Battles mentioned the crosswalk that was successfully put in near Monte Vista Elementary and also the current petition for a lighted crosswalk at Glenwood Avenue and Foothill Boulevard.

“Anytime there was ever anything going on in our community he backed it,” she said.

Battles also said Dance’s personality is down to earth, and that he always helped her see the best way to approach a task.

“We’re really proud of him, real happy for him,” Davis said.

Dance himself was thankful of the support he’s been given over the years in Crescenta Valley and returned the kind words.

“We’ve had a great relationship … I know they’ve said some good things about me, but I feel the same way about them,” he said.