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City to rule on market sign
City hearing officer Jeff Hamilton took under consideration a request for an off site alcohol sales license for the proposed Montrose Trader Joe’s Store.
Hamilton delayed a hearing on a proposed thrust sign for the property to hear issues from the store about being allowed wall signs.

Delay rejected on Urartu

City hearing officer Wolfgang Krause took under advisement by the city an attempt to revoke the conditional use permit for Urartu Restaurant at 3463 Foothill Blvd.
Krause refused a request by owner Serob Serobyan to delay the issue another two weeks to allow attorneys to be involved.
The city is charging the restaurant with operating illegally as a banquet hall and with violating noise regulations. Seroboyan is also accused of presenting live entertainment without a permit, and constructing an unpermitted structure to the rear.
Fox said the police have responded to numerous noise complaints in the last three years. Seroboyan is also facing state charges for serving distilled beverages in violation of its ABC permit.
The hearing opened last week in response to numerous complains from local residents. Seroboyan is charged with building an illegal addition in the rear.

Mary Street house approved
City hearing officer Chris Baxter ruled at a recent meeting that Mary Street resident Vartkes Alaverdian can continue to use an enclosed outdoor patio and a laundry room constructed as “non-conforming uses” in 1981.
The variance legalizes a 373-square foot addition at 3352 Mary St. Baxter said the existing 930 square-foot house, which includes a carport, will not need to be outfitted with the required two covered and enclosed parking spaces. Baxter ruled the owner would receive the variance because of the small size of the property.

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