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Helping Others … In Different Ways

Robin Goldsworthy is the publisher of the Crescenta  Valley Weekly. She can be  reached at   or (818) 248-2740.

Robin Goldsworthy is the publisher of the Crescenta
Valley Weekly. She can be
reached at
or (818) 248-2740.

On Friday I attended the quarterly meeting of the Strategic Partners Network, formerly part of CV Alliance. The YMCA has taken on that program, which promotes substance abuse prevention and is in line with the Alliance’s purposes.

The guest speaker was Ulises Gutierrez, a substance prevention/ intervention specialist. Listening to him speak and the passion he shared when telling his story was not only insightful but reminded the audience of the importance of working together to recognize the signs of people needing help – whether fighting depression and contemplating suicide or abusing drugs or alcohol. I’m happy to report that the Strategic Partners Network is going strong under the new leadership at the Y. The work is important and the resources it has available – whether directly through the Y or program partners – makes it invaluable to our community.


On Saturday evening I had the pleasure of attending the inaugural fundraiser for Solheim Lutheran Home. A Midsummer Night’s Gala was held at (appropriately) the Shakespeare Club in Pasadena.

The ambience of the evening began the moment guests approached the front door of this stately manor, previously a private home – the Everett House – where greeters dressed in period costume greeted attendees. Once inside, we were able to make our way through some of the rooms. One was the location of the bar and opportunity gifts, another held cheese and crackers and was where live music played. We also enjoyed passed hors d’oeuvres that perfectly paired with the breeze gently blowing through the open window behind us.

The evening’s host was Joel McKinnon Miller, who many might know from “Brooklyn Nine-Nine.” He was a perfect host – and has a great voice too that he demonstrated when singing earlier in the evening.

Miriam Hernandez of ABC7 Eyewitness News was our emcee for the evening. Not only is she beautiful, but she is funny, too!

Dinner was served in the club’s courtyard, protected from the elements on three sides. The chef was Debbie Lee who prepared beef short ribs and stuffed Portobello mushrooms, among other fare. To say it was delicious would be an understatement.

My best friend Amy was my date for the evening and the table where we sat was filled with fabulous people. Among these was Mary McCorkle, a resident of Solheim, who gave a passionate speech about living at Solheim and how much she enjoyed it there. A tiny woman, Mary had to be helped onto a step stool in order to reach the microphone. After her presentation, she was given a standing ovation!

Kudos to Gala co-chairs Susan Stark and Susan Silverman and the Gala organizers who made sure we all enjoyed a magical night.

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