Man Arrested After Resisting Arrest at Shell Station


A man was arrested for resisting arrest and for battery on a police officer after deputies responded to a disturbance call at the Shell gas station at 3044 Foothill Blvd.

Los Angeles County Department deputies from the Crescenta Valley Station responded to a call concerning a man who was bothering customers and cursing loudly at the gas station on Friday at 5:40 p.m.

When deputies arrived, they found the man standing in front of the gas station front door and yelling at one of the employees.

Deputies reportedly asked the man why he was yelling and he told them he was not yelling then used foul language as he told them he was looking for his keys. Deputies asked the man to step over to their patrol vehicle. The man again used foul language to tell them he didn’t have to do what they had requested.

The deputies then asked the man for his identification and again using expletive language said he did not have to comply, and did not comply.

He began to walk away. One deputy then took one of his arms; another took another arm in an attempt to prevent him from leaving the area. The man pushed off from the bumper of the patrol unit and knocked one of the deputies down. The man then ran toward the gas station where a witness who yelled at him to stop fighting with the officers confronted him. The man turned around and ran straight toward the deputies. Both of his fists were reportedly in a clenched position.

A deputy sprayed the man in the face with Oleoresin Capsicum [pepper] spray. It reportedly had no affect on the man and he ran out of the gas station parking lot and eastbound on Foothill Boulevard.

The deputies ran after him. One deputy got into his vehicle and drove past the man, turning toward him to stop him from running. He was able to block the man’s escape and he was detained.