Freeway Traffic Stopped as Precaution


A man is in custody after Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Dept. – Crescenta Valley Sheriff’s Station deputies responded a to 911 call concerning a man in danger of doing self-harm. The man’s girlfriend made the call at 3:49 p.m. She told the dispatcher that her boyfriend had threatened to kill himself by jumping onto the freeway.

The girlfriend and man were in the area of Briggs Avenue and the Foothill (210) freeway bridge. 

“It appeared to be a boyfriend/girlfriend argument. He [apparently] ran through a cut-out in the fence and onto the embankment of the [freeway],” said Sgt. Mohrhaff. 

The deputies were concerned the man was either going to jump off the freeway bridge or jump into traffic. They contacted California Highway Patrol, which decided to close westbound traffic in the area as a precaution. This caused traffic to back up on the freeway and local streets. 

Deputies found the man hiding in the brush along the freeway at about 4:40 p.m. He is presently being held for a medical evaluation, Mohrhaff said. 

All lanes of the Foothill (210) freeway are open at present.