Well Construction Plans Move Forward

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Photos by Isiah REYES Local residents look over the renderings of the new well that is scheduled to begin construction on Monday.

Photos by Isiah REYES
Local residents look over the renderings of the new well that is scheduled to begin construction on Monday.

By Isiah REYES

The Crescenta Valley Water District is going to be constructing a new water production well at the Rockhaven property that will be used to extract groundwater to help reduce the reliance on imported water. A community event was held Saturday to inform the public about the details related to the project.

The well project is a two-phase construction project. Phase one consists of installing 1,215 feet of water pipeline from the well site to the district’s treatment facility, Glenwood Plant, where it will be treated, stored and used as drinking water. The eight-inch water pipeline will be installed on the 2700 block of Hermosa Avenue and the 3700 and 3800 blocks of La Crescenta Avenue.

David Gould, district engineer for the CVWD, said that currently 40% of the water is imported from the Colorado River or northern California, and the new well would make the district less dependent on this imported water. The water that gets pumped out will be put into the public water system to help offset the shortages brought on by years of drought.
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To help fund this project, the CVWD received a grant for $900,000 from the state thanks to Prop 84. The proposition is known as the Safe Drinking Water, Water Quality and Supply, Flood Control, River and Coastal Protection Act of 2006. It was passed by California voters in the November 2006 general election.

Phase two of the project consists of on-site work to prepare the well for operation. The work consists of replacing the existing well house structure, connecting the well to the new eight-inch water transmission line, and performing electrical work. In addition, the contractor will be replacing the gate, widening the driveway, and restoring and cleaning up the construction zone.

The surrounding building around the well will be a small 10 x 30 foot building that is unique because it will have rollers in it, which will roll away part of the building allowing easier access to perform maintenance on the well. The pump is going to be a submersible pump with the motor at the bottom so there will be no noise.

Christina Olmedo, project manager for the CVWD, said there was a delay in the construction schedule. The project was originally scheduled to begin on June 1 but was pushed back to June 8 because the agreement with the City of Glendale has not been finalized on paper. The estimated date currently for the end of the construction is now Aug. 10.

Cory Whitman, construction inspector with the CVWD, said the construction takes place Mondays through Fridays. He said putting the water pipeline across Honolulu Avenue would prove to be a challenge because they have to work from approximately 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. for about two months while coping with all the traffic.

Whitman said that another challenge of this project is making sure people understand what is being done and why it is being done, which is why community events that inform the public like the one on Saturday are important.

“We’re really excited about it, this is one of the first [new] wells in the Crescenta Valley in 15 years,” said Gould. “This will help alleviate us from getting water from northern California.”

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