Tying the knot in Montrose

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In front of guests and surprised visitors, Joycie Dungca and Stevie Weatherby tie the knot on Honolulu Avenue last Saturday. It was the first wedding on the avenue.

By Shari EMAMI

Joycie Dungca and Stevie Weatherby are in love.

The couple met in 2001 while taking a music business course. Over the years, they broke up and got back together on a few occasions. However, when Stevie was sick, it was Joycie who came to his house with ice cream. Stevie was the shoulder she leaned on when her father died. Through the trials,
especially after her father’s death, Joycie knew that
Stevie was the one for her. “It’s just something I realized. If we could get through this, then we’re made for marriage,” Joycie recalled.

Last year on Mother’s Day Stevie proposed. The local couple wanted a destination for their wedding that felt “right” and since Montrose had always been a favorite hang out, they decided that’s where they wanted to exchange vows. “It’s the right place to get married because it feels like home,” said Joycie.

Their first step was to send a letter to get approval from the Montrose Shopping Park Association. Glendale City Councilman and former MSPA president John Drayman, also known as “Mr. Montrose,” was more than pleased to help them out.

“This is our first wedding,” said Drayman. “Montrose is a great place to get married because it has that close-knit community feel.”

With the blessing of the city and the MSPA, plans began to be made. Local businesses were the first to be consulted for necessities and most were eager to take part. Merle Norman Cosmetics already had a full calendar with both the La Cañada and Crescenta Valley high school proms, but gladly made room on the calendar for Joycie and her bridesmaids. April Ray Salon did the ladies’ hair.

Other MSPA businesses came on board for the celebration. Jane’s Cakes and Chocolates was chosen for the all-important wedding cake. Montrose Party Bowl would host the wedding reception.

Finally, the day arrived.

The bride and groom awoke to a wedding-perfect Saturday on May 29. Honolulu Avenue was closed down in the 2300-2400 blocks as Bonners Equipment Rentals came and set up guest seating.

The wedding had an old Southern, 30s-inspired feel, showcasing the couple’s love for the era, and the theme was Old-Hollywood/New Orleans.

With smoky eyes and pale lips, the bride made her way to the stage in front of Zwick’s Plaza as the clock outside Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf struck four.

And that fast it was over. Amid invited guests and surprised visitors, promises were made, vows struck.

Then it was time to head to the reception at Montrose Bowl where guests dined on fare from Zeke’s Smokehouse, Gourmet A Go Go and Paradis Ice Cream. A multi-layered red velvet cake was decorated with red hearts and crowned with a cake topper provided by Victoriana.

A day to remember, but an event some hope will be repeated.

“This is exciting for our businesses,” said Jane’s Cakes and Chocolates owner Tom Samaha. “I like the idea of a walk off street. We should consider Montrose as the next [Santa Monica] 3rd Street Promenade.”

“It’s definitely something that I thought should be done, but no one ever asked about it,” added Drayman. “In the years that Montrose Shopping Park has been open, never before have I see anything like this.”

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2 Responses for “Tying the knot in Montrose”

  1. kim says:

    The Montrose Shopping Park Association approved the request, then the council. The MSP is the board which represents the shopping park, this is why it is so important to be involved in your local councils; PTA’s; governing boards, or homeowners associations. If people are not active and participating in these arena’s; then the floor is open to those who do.

    “Their first step was to send a letter to get approval from the Montrose Shopping Park Association. Glendale City Councilman and former MSPA president John Drayman, also known as “Mr. Montrose,” was more than pleased to help them out.”

  2. Michelle says:

    This is why Honolulu Avenue was shut down? No wonder so many businesses where so upset about this! Can you imagine the loss of revenue for these small business owners!?

    I’m a frequent shopper of Montrose Shopping Park and I did not believe the owners of the businesses I patron when they told me that they would lose out on revenue because of a private wedding being held on Honolulu. I thought they heard wrong. Who in this economy, who in there right mind would allow this? Who would shut down street parking and traffic (so essential to businesses)? This is so damaging!

    Now, here’s an article that proves me wrong. It’s time for me to go make my apologies to several businesses for doubting them.

    What’s more shocking is that a Glendale politician endorsed this? This is maddening! I hope voters remember this come re-election – I won’t forget and neither will business owners.


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