Weather in the Foothills

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“The blush of Spring, the blossom of Summer, the flame of Autumn, the sparkle of Winter,
… every waking moment yields a never failing succession of delights.”
~ Horace Fletcher, “Menticulture,” 1895
It sure didn’t feel like summer over Memorial Day Weekend. Sunday morning I actually needed windshield wipers driving through the heavy mist.

The solstice is June 20 as the Earth tilts and the sun reaches its highest latitudinal point. Summer begins, although Memorial Day has become the unofficial start date. As last weekend was wet, cool and cloudy – not exactly indicative of summer conditions – no question of the season here. But it won’t be long before all doubt is left behind as the weather conditions turn dry, hot and clear.

I’m ready. Near-record temperatures are predicted for Friday and the weekend with daytime highs reaching 100 degrees. The pool is sparkling clear and cold, but with a little heater-assist opening day has come. Evenings in the 60s with extended daylight hours indicate summer is almost upon us. Summer nights are the best, especially as the crickets get tuned up. The heat is fair exchange for long evenings, swimming and late-night dog walks …

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