Two Confirmed Dead in UCLA Shooting

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A press conference was held earlier today by UCLA Police Dept. Chief James Herren and moments later another conference held by Los Angeles Police Dept. Chief Charlie Beck concerning a shooting at the UCLA campus.

“The campus is now safe, the issue that occurred is now contained,” said Beck.

Two men have been confirmed dead as an apparent homicide/suicide.

“The campus is on lock down and hundreds of police and agents [are on campus],” Herren said in an earlier press conference.

The shooting occurred in the engineering building. About a dozen people are still in that building and have been told to shelter in place, he said.

A note was apparently found that could be a suicide note; however, Beck could not confirm what the note stated, only that it was found.

The men were discovered in a small office in the engineering building.

Police are continuing the investigation and, although it appears the incident has been contained, in an “abundance of caution” the police will continue to search the area to make certain there are no other suspects, Beck added.

UCLA students are in finals this week with many students on the campus.

The initial call of gunfire came in about 10 a.m.

The investigation is ongoing.

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