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As Memorial Day arrives, our chance for measurable rainfall has mostly come and gone. We’ll receive a brief thundershower on a summer day, although climatically it can’t be predicted. Once the rain has gone away, it will be another season before rain comes again.
The above rhyme was written in a different time and place. As with most old sayings, its origin and writer are unknown. This particular one is an exception; the history surrounding it is believed factual. The roots go back to 16th century England during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I, a time when Spain and England were not friends. Spain sent a superior fleet of galleons, the Spanish Armada, north to defeat a smaller fleet of English warships commanded by the Queen. The outcome seemed to be a given, but a strong storm intercepted bringing heavy rains and damaging wind-driven waves. What little remained of the devastated Armada returned to Spain defeated. As the rainy weather prevented English children from playing in the garden, they would sing the above rhyme. Not only demanding the rain to go away, it insisted it go to Spain. And never return, i.e. “show your face again!” Politics made innocent!
Only in the event of flooding and picnics, weddings, graduations or proms, do we wish the rain away. Quite the contrary as every drop is measured, documented and treasured. The hope of a drenching El Niño has now faded. My rain gauge presently measures 16.14 inches. It’s better than last year, but still lacking the annual average of 24 inches. Another year of drought…
Mild is the weather-word for the week. Morning fog will mix with mostly sunny days. Temperatures in the 70s are predicted, slowing rising into next week.
The photo says it all: January – A Godzilla El Niño is coming. Time to prepare! Free sand and bags – help available at FS 63 on Ramsdell Avenue. A shovel is ready for action.
May – The sun shines brightly. Atop the sand the small flag stands proudly.

Happy Memorial Day!
Sue Kilpatrick is a
Crescenta Valley resident and
Official Skywarn Spotter for the
National Weather Service. Reach her at

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