More police claim differential treatment

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Two more Glendale police officers filed suit against their department for discrimination and harassment in the workplace.

Marc Mendoza, an officer of Filipino descent, has filed suit for  wrongful demotion, harassment, discrimination, retaliation and failure to prevent discrimination and harassment by the police department.

“Mr. Mendoza, of Filipino ancestry, has worked protecting all citizens of the city of Glendale for over 16 years. Day in and day out he, like so many other officers, risked everything to protect others and make sure the rule of law was applied fairly and justly in the streets of this community,” said Carney Shegerian, who represents the two officers. “How the Glendale Police Department could turn around and demote him because he was associated with, friendly to and supportive of Armenian officers asserting their civil rights is tragic.”

Tyrone Hunter, a black officer who joined the force in 1992, is also filing suite. Tyrone alleges that employees of the department have used derogatory racial words against him and that he has been held back from advancing on the promotional ladder at work.

“The City of Glendale and the Glendale Police Department do not tolerate discrimination, harassment or retaliation,” said Ritch Wells, public information officer for the city of Glendale.

“We are currently reviewing Marc Mendoza’s complaint and look forward to the opportunity to vigorously defend against the allegation.”

According to the defendant, officers within the department have taken to calling him by an Armenian last name. In one instance Mendoza claims that when his supervisor pulled him aside his boss mentioned, “Everyone is starting to call you Mendozian.”

Police Chief Ron De Pompa stated in a previous interview: “While I can’t speak whether any specific allegation is true or not true…in a general sense my firm belief is that our environment is free of discrimination, harassment and retaliation.”

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