Local Civil War History Shared at Crescenta Valley Park

Photos by Jason KUROSU
Members of the community turned out at Crescenta Valley Park to see a display of Civil War material and to learn local history of how the foothills participated in the war.

It wouldn’t be argued that the foothills hold some history, but many would be surprised to know the amount of Civil War history inherent in the founding of the area. On Armed Forces Day and the 150th anniversary of the Civil War, the Little Landers Historical Society organized From War to Reconciliation: Moving On and Moving West, a tribute to the soldiers, both Union and Confederate, who settled in the foothills after the war.

After a flag presentation by members of Verdugo Hills High School’s JROTC and members of the Crescenta Valley High School band, the national anthem and Pledge of Allegiance were held. Residents, many with their families, gathered under the shade of the trees in Crescenta Valley Park while members of the society spoke about these ex-soldiers, looking to establish their lives in post-war California. The biographies of these soldiers were delivered in various ways, some in straightforward biographical accounts while other speakers assumed the roles of the soldiers they spoke about.
In another area of the park, some Civil War memorabilia was on display. A poster charted the major battles and turning points of the war, along with some authentic historical documents. Equally authentic were the pieces of soldier’s equipment on display, such as the food, uniforms and weaponry, including rifles and a cannon.
To conclude the event, “Taps,” which has become a funeral military theme, was played in order to honor the fallen soldiers of the bloodiest war in American history.