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Montrose Hydroponics Busted for Marijuana

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Employees at Greenlight Hydroponics Store linked to illegal marijuana grow. Plants were found at the store, a Van Nuys warehouse and two residences.

Glendale police in the North Command area (La Crescenta, Montrose and far north Glendale) received information concerning illegal marijuana grow and possible sales linked to employees at the Greenlight Hydroponics Store, 2615 Honolulu Ave. in Montrose.

North Command Officers began an investigation that included surveillance of the employees and owners of the store. The investigation led them to a warehouse in Van Nuys. The Glendale Narcotics Unit was then called in to the investigation and surveillance continued.

“Detectives saw the manager of the store, Glenn Poppler, (42), leave the warehouse,” said Sgt. Tom Lorenz. “They detained him.”

While Poppler was being detained, detectives continued the surveillance and allegedly witnessed the owner of the Montrose store, Steve Nemenyi, 47, and another man later identified as Mark Mayer, 46, exiting the warehouse.

Search warrants were served on Wednesday at several locations including the Greenlight Hydroponics Store where they found a “few pounds of marijuana and a couple thousand dollars,” Lorenz said.

The search at the warehouse found about 700 plants, grown with the use of hydroponics.
Another search warrant that was served at the Nemenyi’s home resulted in the seizure of about 50 pounds of dried/finished (ready for sale) marijuana, about $50,000 in cash, two firearms and parts to a 37 millimeter gun converted to launch flares.

Detectives found 150 plants and 10 pounds of finished marijuana at Poppler’s residence.

“The North Area Command officers are actively involved in seeking out those that want to distribute narcotics to our residents and youth in La Crescenta and Montrose area. The sales of drugs will not be tolerated and will be investigated to its fullest extent,” stated Glendale police north commander Lt. Scott Bickle. “My goal is to provide a safe environment for our citizens and make it very difficult for those that want to sell drugs in our community’s. As you can see by the result of the search warrants, those involved in the sales of marijuana keep themselves armed to protect their grows and product. While the hydroponics store sells items that are legal in the state of California, what these products are used for is the growth of marijuana. You generally do not see customers going in the store to obtain items to grow tomatoes.

“This is just one reason the City of Glendale does not allow marijuana dispensaries to operate in Glendale. I would like to see them extend this policy to these hydroponic stores.

“This operation showed great teamwork with our narcotics detectives and the North Area Command officers. The real work begins as we sort through the evidence and prepare the case for filing.”

All three suspects were arrested and are each being held on $100,000 bail. Nemenyi is charged with cultivation and possession of sale of marijuana.

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