GPW Sewer Operations is Honored


During the Tuesday, May 21, Glendale City Council Meeting, the City’s Public Works Maintenance Services Division-Wastewater Section (sewer operations) was acknowledged for their recent recognition as the Collection System of the Year, by the California Water Environment Association (CWEA). This award is given annually to one system in each of three size categories that demonstrates excellence in operations, maintenance, training and environmental compliance as evaluated by a group of trade professionals from throughout the State. The Glendale Wastewater Section has been the recipient of the award in regional competition in the Los Angeles basin for the past two years, and took second place in the statewide competition in 2011.

The recognition is a culmination of over a decade of development, implementation, and refinement of a cutting edge wastewater program that can respond to the demands of over 360 miles of aging sewer infrastructure, stringent environmental regulations and public health compliance requirements associated with the proper collection and management of wastewater. The foundation for this accomplishment was laid back in 2002 when the Public Works Maintenance Services Division embarked upon what came to be known as the Wastewater Improvement Plan. The key facets of the wastewater program devised from this Plan include pursuit of training and a range of professional certifications for wastewater operators, progressive use of equipment, technology and best management practices to predict and prevent sewer system overflows (SSOs), and promptly addressing defects discovered in the system through an aggressive Public Works Engineering program.

SSOs can cause damage to property, poses a significant public health risk, and agencies who have been found responsible for overflows into rivers, tributaries and the ocean have faced fines in the tens of millions of dollars. The result of Glendale’s progressive wastewater program has been a nearly 75% reduction in SSOs that the City has experienced over the preceding nine years, and has garnered this recognition as Collection System of the Year.

Click here to see the video of the presentation at City Council.