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State Mandates Valley Water Company Reduce Usage by 36%

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The State Water Resources Control Board (SWRCB) is requiring that Valley Water Company shareholders reduce their water use by 36% as compared to 2013. When this reduction is met, Valley Water Company will be operating at a level of consumption lower than 1960s consumption levels.

The board of directors will be meeting in the coming weeks to discuss drought policy, implementation and enforcement and will communicate those policies to shareholders. The drought is real and the situation facing all Californians is serious. Failure to achieve a 36% reduction in water use could result in daily fines of up to $10,000 for Valley Water Company by the SWRCB.

“It is now more important than ever that every shareholder do their part to conserve,” said General Manager Bob Fan. “Reducing water use to levels not seen in 50 years can only be reached with serious conservation efforts on the part of every user in the Valley Water Company service area.”

In January 2014 Gov. Jerry Brown declared a state of emergency in response to the historic drought that California has endured for many years. In April 2015, the Governor issued an executive order calling for a 25% reduction in potable urban water use statewide. The SWRCB adopted new regulations on May 5 to set specific targets for local water agencies to reduce their water consumption.

Water service providers throughout the state have been mandated to achieve conservation goals measured in “residential gallons per capita per day” (R- GPCD) used in their service area. Because of the nature of the Valley Water Company service area (mostly low density, single-family homes on large lots) the company’s R-GPCD is significantly higher than other water service areas with more residential density.

Water users can take many steps to reduce their water consumption. On average, 70% of total residential water usage in the Valley Water Company service area is outdoors. Reducing outdoor water use has the biggest potential impact in meeting the conservation mandate. Valley Water Company will be asking all shareholders to do their part to reduce water use.

To view a list of activities prohibited by the state regulation, visit the SWRCB website at For more information on water conservation visit or

Valley Water Company is a mutual water company incorporated in 1910. With 3,580 service connections and 57 miles of water main in the City of La Cañada Flintridge, Valley Water Company provides shareholders with quality, reliable water and has been doing so for over 100 years. For more information contact Karalee Watson at (714) 552-2060 or

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