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Flags Inviting All To Worship Stolen from St. Luke’s

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Overnight someone stole the series of flags that lined the front lawn of St. Luke’s of the Mountains Episcopal Church.

The flags represented countries of Korea and Mexico as well as other flags including the Rainbow (gay) and an environmental flag were stolen last night. The Armenian flag was stolen a few weeks prior. The only flag that was left behind was the American flag.

The flags were a symbol of the church’s “open minds, open hearts” philosophy, letting everyone know that are were welcome to worship.

It appears the theft of all flags but the American was more like a message was being sent to the church on their open door policy.

A woman had contacted the church earlier to complain about the new St. Luke’s sign that is in the front of the church that has the worship service in both English and Spanish. Recently the Church of the Ascension Episcopal Church in Tujunga was closed and St. Luke’s open their doors to the congregation with a special service in Spanish at 11 a.m.  The transition has been smooth between the two congregations, with both groups excited about working with new people.

The theft has not deterred the congregation’s resolve to open their doors to all who wish to worship.

“We will continue to put [the flags] up, ” said Bryan Jones, St. Luke’s vicar.

And the flags will be flying again,. Today, during the service, members of the congregation donated funds to help replace the flags.



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4 Responses for “Flags Inviting All To Worship Stolen from St. Luke’s”

  1. Miko Riko says:

    The Armenian flag was NOT stolen, but removed gently, far and away from the “gay” flag (rainbow), as the Armenians and gays don’t mix together well (READ A RECENTLY PUBLISHED STORY OF HOW ARMENIANS IN ARMENIA BURNT DOWN A GAY NIGHT CLUB IN THE CAPITAL).

    I also agree…all you yuppies and hippies, leave CV alone.

  2. Steve says:

    I hope the church gets the “message.” The “open and tolerant” nonsense has destroyed much of LA. La Crescenta is a beautiful place and to start this Liberal yuppie BS here is insane.

    Do you moronic Democrat voters really think its a good idea to move up here and try to change our community to look like what you have escaped from?

    I applaud the individual who stole these flags and hopefully has burned them.

    Common Sense falls out of “open minds.”

  3. Sharon Weisman says:

    I hope the church has security cameras that can be focused on the new flags – it would be a shame to lose them again. I loved seeing the colorful flags waving in the breeze. I just don’t understand people who think it’s OK to steal something that offends them. St. Luke’s of the Mountains Episcopal Church is a wonderful place, especially on Tuesday nights when they host the Firehouse teen center. They get a big secular amen from this atheist.

  4. sue kilpatrick says:

    Some so called Christians don’t know the REAL teachings of Jesus apparently…sad.

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