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Trader Joe’s lease approved

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By Charles COOPER

Trader Joe’s hopes to have a new store in operation within a year on the west end of the Montrose Shopping Park. The new store, the second in La Crescenta for the specialty market, has been in the planning stages for about two years. Company vice president Doug Yokomizo said the construction is planned to take nine months to a year after the city issues a building permit.
Yokomizo, wearing the official company uniform of a Hawaiian shirt, said the project would be a great addition to Montrose. “It will be one of our first stores designed and built from scratch,” he said.
The store will be built at 2448-2468 Honolulu Avenue, on the site of the former Paradise Ford car lot, bought by the city originally for use as a parking lot and briefly considered as a site for a new fire station.
Councilman John Drayman, former president of the shopping park board, said local leaders have been discussing for years the need of a retail outlet at the west end of the park.
The store will be 14,670 square feet, single story, with a 60 parking space parking lot. The store will pay a ground lease initially of $220,000 to the city, with adjustments every five years. The project will also bring in sales tax revenue.
Council members are enthusiastic about the project with Councilman Dave Weaver identifying one more need for Montrose. “I’d like to see a Bob’s Big Boy,” he said.
A hearing has been set for June 9 for a conditional use permit for alcohol sales. Approval will also be needed for a sign variance. Design review board hearing will be June 10.
A four-way stop sign will be added at Honolulu and Orangedale avenues, and there will be noise limitations on evening deliveries.
The store will be the first Southern California site for the chain with full LEED certification from the Green Building Council.

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  1. Scott Z says:

    I love Trader Joe’s, but in MONTROSE? Seriously? The lazy small town feel of Montrose is what makes it so unique amidst the urban sprawl of LA. I forsee significant traffic problems in this area that is clearly geared towards pedestrian traffic. For those of you who disagree – go drive around the parking lot of TJ’s in La Crescenta or La Canada for a while this weekend and imagine that chaos superimposed on the Montrose shopping park. And what will happen when Honolulu closes for the Farmer’s Market? All the TJ’s traffic will be blazing through Orangedale and Florencita where we walk our dogs and play with our children? It just doesn’t make any sense to me. Maybe when they open a Barnes and Noble where Faye’s used to be, then I can go get a book and learn what I am clearly missing about urban planning.

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