Embezzlement Allegations Against Drayman Investigated

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Former Glendale City Councilman John Drayman, above left, seen casting his vote in the recent city election.


The Glendale Police Department is investigating former Glendale City Councilmember John Drayman on allegations of embezzlement.
A few weeks ago a request was made with the Glendale Police Department to investigate possible embezzlement of funds concerning an organization Drayman was associated with. Information was gathered and enough was provided for a Los Angeles Superior Court Judge to issue a search warrant for Drayman’s home Tuesday.
“These are only allegations,” said Sgt. Tom Lorenz. “The investigation is just beginning.”
The name of the organization has not been released.
“I can tell you this doesn’t involve city funds,” Lorenz said.
“I was served with a search warrant,” confirmed Drayman.
He added that he was not expecting anyone to show up with the warrant.
After the search warrant was served and the police left his home Drayman did contact a lawyer. As far as the investigation, he said he is uncertain of the exact details.
“I can’t get into any detail right now as to the investigation. It is unfolding and I am not sure what it is or where it is going,” he said.
Drayman is a longtime resident of Montrose. He has been a business owner and a member of the Montrose Shopping Park Association board, his ties which many in the community are familiar with. He had served on the board at various times, as secretary and later as coordinator of public events.
Alyce Russell, president of the MSPA, would not comment on the allegations made against Drayman.
“This is between John Drayman and the Glendale police,” she said.
Many local residents know Drayman from his involvement with the MSPA. The organization sponsors several events throughout the year including Old Town Christmas, the Montrose Arts & Crafts Festival and Harvest Market. Drayman played a pivotal role in creating the current version of Sunday’s Harvest Market. Before the Sunday morning Harvest Market, the MSPA sponsored a Family Festival that occurred every Thursday night.
Amid controversy surrounding the the Thursday night event the festival was cancelled. Drayman was one of about 20 committee members who were tasked to find an alternative event.
“We all went to some 90 Farmer’s Markets around the Los Angeles area,” Drayman said.
The committee helped design the present day Harvest Market that began its run in May 2002.
The Harvest Market has been successful since it’s opening however, Drayman said, the economy has affected its bottom line. Things appeared to be looking up lately with two very successful weeks in April, according to Drayman.
“We are in [moving into] our 10th year,” Drayman said.
As for the recent allegations and investigation Drayman is waiting for more information.
“All I can say is I am listening and watching everything very carefully,” he said.

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  1. Christian Moreno says:

    This comes to me with no surprise. I hope the former mayor of montrose has other job skills. I doubt he’ll be back in politics any time soon. I recommend landscaping!

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