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The Glendale Educational Foundation continues to look for support for various programs at Glendale Unified School District schools, including the Business Partnership Program, through which financial support is lent by local businesses through donations.

“We want to create a synergy with businesses within the community,” said Glendale Educational Foundation President Laurel Patric.

Businesses who have contributed to the Glendale Educational Foundation are featured on the Foundation’s 411 Business Directory page on the GEF website, with direct links to their company websites. Some of these businesses include Pacific BMW, which has donated to the foundation regularly for the past few years, and Disney, whose donations have helped fund an animation program at some GUSD schools.

Patric stated that the latest program the foundation is trying to develop is the “Save the Music” program.

“We want to put enough musical instruments into our elementary schools which the students can access without charge,” said Patric.

Most current students rent their instruments from their schools. Patric does not anticipate this program would come to pass until the 2012-13 school year.

The Glendale Educational Foundation’s next event will not be until October, the annual State of the Schools breakfast at the Pacific Park Community Center. Here the foundation informs parents of what new developments are happening within the schools, one of which Patric hopes will include a growing Save the Music program. Patric noted that attendance at the State of the Schools has increased every year and she anticipates an attendance of around 600 people this year.

For more information on the Glendale Educational Foundation and the Business Partnership Program, visit

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