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Business, Education Top Priorities Says Krikorian

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Glendale Unified School District Board of Education member Greg Krikorian recently announced his candidacy for the 43rd district of the Californian State Assembly, running on a platform of job creation and naturally, due to his years on the board of education, increased educational opportunities for Californian students. Krikorian will be running as a Republican against current Assemblymember Mike Gatto (D-Silver Lake).

Krikorian said his educational focus is not only on K-12 students, but for students at the UC, Cal State and community college levels as well.

“Our students can’t get classes. They’re raising tuition all the time,” Krikorian said. “The American dream is being taken away from our students.”

Krikorian also noted that $700 million was cut from public education funding during the last two terms. This is due, Krikorian said, to the debt the state is currently suffering from, which he believes he can help mitigate by “putting our state back on a sustainable path.”

“California ranks 50th in the nation in business-friendly stats and 49th in education funding,” said Krikorian, to highlight the two biggest issues of his campaign. “Other states are gaining ground on us.”

Krikorian, an Armenian American, talked of his candidacy at a recent remembrance rally for the Armenian Genocide. Videos of Krikorian’s speech at the rally were posted on YouTube, many of them highlighting Krikorian saying he would “be the voice of American Armenians.” Krikorian said the videos were obviously edited and were a misrepresentation of who he was and what he said.

“I’m committed to representing all people,” Krikorian said in a phone interview. “My life, my kids and my family are here and I want to take my services to the next level.”

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  1. Greg Krikorian is a liar. You couldnt edit a speech to make him say the anti-American things he said.

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