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Weather in the Foothills

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“Our task must be to free ourselves by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature and its beauty. ”
     ~ Albert Einstein

At first glance, John Muir seemed the source of these words. Wrong! They are Albert Einstein’s.   The most brilliant theoretical physicist in history, Albert Einstein also held a deep appreciation for music and nature’s beauty. He spent three winters and parts of summer in Pasadena and the surrounding foothills. He was no doubt attracted to the mild climate and the myriad of animal and plant species found in the nearby San Gabriel Mountains. Why the winter months here? The partial answer is a no-brainer – the weather. For many visitors, it was only a vacation destination; for Einstein it was not.
During the early 1930s Caltech and Mt. Wilson offered unprecedented studies involving the size and nature of the universe. Many members of the Caltech physics faculty were immigrants who fled the impending Nazi persecution in Germany and other European countries. Albert Einstein, with the support of these scientists, soon followed. Fear for their lives brought them together. Caltech was the institution, giving their world-changing studies a place to expand. The weather was just a bonus during these difficult times.
Referring to and supporting Einstein’s quotation, “…compassion to embrace all living creatures,” on Monday morning as Doug was getting in his truck, two young deer ran down our street. He tracked them cautiously across Alabama Street, down Ramsdell Avenue and across Foothill Boulevard during rush hour. The deer took refuge alongside a wash close to CVHS. As a park ranger, Doug understood their predicament and cordoned off the area with caution tape and waited for Fish and Game. Their advice: “They’re too fragile to relocate.” Last seen they were grazing peacefully on dandelions.
After a mini-heatwave Thursday, cooler marine-influenced temperatures will return for the weekend. A slight warm-up is predicted into next week. With too many variables, Einstein considered weather prediction “impossible!”

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