New Bins in Shopping Park

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Montrose Shopping Park, after nearly three years of working with the City of Glendale, finally has new trash cans. The weeks’ long process of slowly rotating in a few trash cans at a time into their new locations is complete so now the cans around Montrose are the updated ones, which will be bolted into place after a trial period to ensure proper placement.
“When I married Mrs. Whitaker four years ago, I was not a spring chicken and neither was she,” said Mike Whitaker, liaison with the City of Glendale, at last week’s Montrose Shopping Park Association meeting. “So the first dance song was the classic by Etta James, ‘At Last.’ And it seems to be a theme in my life as the containers have finally been installed, ‘At Last.’”
To celebrate the occasion, Whitaker brought miniature residential trash cans filled with candy for all the members of the board (above). The full sized new bins feature trash and recycling containers, and can be found throughout the shopping park.

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  1. Donna Roberts says:

    This is good news, but when are the No Smoking signs going to be placed back up? THAT’S what we care about most!

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