Hindenburg Park Sign is Down

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After much debate that ripped through the community, the final decision was made regarding the Hindenburg Park sign on the property of Crescenta Valley Park. On May 2, the Los Angeles County Commission on Human Relations approved the motion to remove the recently erected sign at Hindenburg Park after discussion and a public forum was held in Sparr Heights. The motion was voted unanimously in favor except for Commissioner Oh, “who participated via phone and abstained due to having difficulty hearing all of the discussion.”
In the full approved motion and history of the decision, released online, the commission advised Parks and Rec of Los Angeles County on the course of action of “(1) immediate removal of the recently placed Hindenburg Park sign; (2) consideration of a new sign which honors the German American heritage of that section of the park without reference to the name ‘Hindenburg’; (3) convening of an ad hoc community task force comprised of representatives of the community and Parks and Rec and facilitated by an accepted neutral mediator (which the Commission offers to assist in identifying) that would be given 30 days to develop the design of a new sign (including new language) and include a history of the park that provides a learning opportunity; and (4) Parks and Rec would have final approval of the sign and would pay for the creation and installation of the new sign which commemorates the German American heritage of the park without re-establishing the name ‘Hindenburg Park.’”
Visit for the full approved motion.

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