Drayman’s Condo Gets New Inspection

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Former Glendale Councilmember John Drayman has passed all but one area of repairs done in accordance to permits at his local condominium.

Drayman’s condo was damaged after a water main broke within the walls of the building. Since repairs had to be done due to the water damage, Drayman said he decided to do remodeling to his home at the same time.

There were issues with the work that exceeded what was listed on the permit. Generally, work is inspected on a continuous basis during construction and remodeling. Drayman’s inspections were done after the work was completed, therefore it was more invasive. Walls were opened as inspectors looked at the skeleton of the repair, not just the surface. An inspector came to Drayman’s home in 2011 and found several areas were not in compliance.

Drayman had 180 days to complete the repairs.

The most recent inspection was conducted last week. The work has now passed the plumbing and building requirements. The electrical repairs that were needed were not completed to the permit requirements, however inspectors found the work to be close enough to completion that they allowed another 180 days for Drayman to come into compliance.

There were issues with the required mechanical repairs that have now been referred to the Glendale city attorney.

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