Parents and Students Asked to be Alert


The Glendale police are investigating a report concerning a “child annoying” suspect.

On Friday, April 18 at about 3:15 p.m. in the 3000 block of Montrose Avenue, a 17-year-old girl from Crescenta Valley High School was approached by a man described as white or Middle Eastern in his 30s with a buzzed-style haircut, according to GPD spokeswoman Tahnee Lightfoot.

The man allegedly called out to the girl and said, “Hey, you! Come here. Get in. Where are you going?”

The girl walked away and the man drove off in an unknown direction.

The suspect did not make any physical contact with the teenage girl; however, it did concern her enough to report it to her parents and later to the GPD.

CVHS Principal Linda Junge released a PhoneConnect call to parents informing them of the incident after School Resource Officer Dep. Scott Shinagawa heard similar stories from other students.

The initial report occurred within the Glendale Police Dept.’s area of Crescenta Valley; however, the description of the suspect is similar enough to the other reports the school resource officer felt it could be the same individual.

Junge reminded parents to have local law enforcement’s direct number programmed into their student’s cellphone.

“A 911 call from a cellphone will go directly to CHP (California Highway Patrol),” Junge said. (A landline 911 call will go to the law enforcement agency with jurisdiction but cellular 911 calls may go to CHP.)

Having the direct number to the law enforcement agency will allow a quicker response, she said.

There is no report of the suspect using force to get the girl/girls into his vehicle. Glendale police are investigating and working closely with CV sheriffs.

The man’s vehicle is described as an older model, two-door Ford pick-up truck.

Parents are reminded to report any incident to local law enforcement and, as always, students should be aware of their surroundings.

The direct number for the Glendale Police Department is (818) 548-4840. Crescenta Valley Sheriff’s is (818) 248-3464.

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