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Windy Days Have Made Me … Hungry

Robin Goldsworthy is the publisher of the Crescenta  Valley Weekly. She can be  reached at  or (818) 248-2740.

Robin Goldsworthy is the publisher of the Crescenta
Valley Weekly. She can be
reached at
or (818) 248-2740.

The gusts of the last few days have put me on edge. I’m always listening for a tree to topple over or some other outdoor item to crash. Driving down the street presents its own hazards as I try and dodge fallen branches and disrupted trash cans. Added to this tension is the unseasonal heat – in the 90s! – that, with the wind, increases our fire danger.

Thankfully a reprieve has been predicted (from the winds at least) so we should be able to rest a little easier tonight. Forecasters predict that by Sunday the temperature should also drop to the more manageable 80-degree range.

Which is perfect weather to be outside for all the activities in Montrose!

This Sunday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. is an outdoor extravaganza along Honolulu Avenue. With the weekly Harvest Market, the annual Wags-n-Whiskers and Kids-n-Kritters celebration, sponsored by the Montrose Shopping Park, takes place.

Kids-n-Kritters is a fun time for children to learn about animals. Wild Wonders Exotic Petting Zoo will be on the avenue and will present educational, hands-on shows at 10:30 a.m., 11:30 a.m. and 12:30 p.m. Kids will not only learn interesting information about some unusual animals, but will be able to actually handle some of them!

Another animal-centric event is the Wags-n-Whiskers walk for the Glendale Humane Society. Everyone is invited to bring their (well-behaved) pooch to Andersen’s Pet Shop at 2218 Honolulu Ave. at 9 a.m. to register for the walk that begins at 10 a.m.

The Glendale Humane Society is a refuge for dogs and cats that have been abandoned, are lost or whose owners can no longer take care of them. This year they are celebrating 90 years of bringing people and pets together. The Glendale Humane Society is a private non-profit 501(c)(3) no-kill facility, which is an expensive undertaking. The Wags-n-Whiskers walk is  a great way to support the humane society while showing off your best friend.

All this outdoor activity will bring on an appetite and there’s no better way to tackle it than to buy a ticket for the Taste of Montrose!

This is one of my most favorite events of the year. Hosted by Crescenta Valley High School Prom Plus (of which I’m president) from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., the annual event showcases some of the best dining spots in town. As of Wednesday, 22 restaurants, bakeries and food preparers have signed on to present their fare. Wondered about the food at Thee Elbow Room? You’ll be able to stop by their place at 2418 Honolulu Ave. (the former site of Java Brew) and taste it on Sunday. Curious about how Dream Dinners works? Sample their recipes and ask questions of Lissa and her staff in our food court on Ocean View Boulevard. Been meaning to stop by Gelsinger’s Amber Road at 2016 Montrose Ave. (right around the corner from Rocky Cola)? Ticketholders can present their wristband between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. on Sunday and learn about the fine foods they offer.

Tickets are $20 and available all over town (check out the ad on page 16) or just stop by the Prom Plus information booth on Sunday. It’s at the beginning of the Taste of Montrose food court on Ocean View Boulevard and Honolulu Avenue.

See you there!


I would be remiss not to mention how hefty this morning’s paper is. Inside you will find this year’s Discover magazine. This 80-page guide tops last year’s 56 pages and has information on just about everything: schools, hospitals and chambers of commerce plus great places to dine, buy a car or have a picnic.

Thank you to the CV Weekly staff that worked their tails off, from the writers to the proofreaders to the ad reps to the deliverers – all made sure to put forth their best effort and I think it shows!

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