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Juvenile Arrested

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A juvenile was arrested on Monday after he refused to follow instructions from a deputy, according to Lt. Sauter, Los Angeles Sheriff Dept. – Crescenta Valley Station.

The incident began when several LASD patrol units responded to a silent alarm call at Citibank in the 2600 block of Foothill Blvd. on Monday afternoon after 3 p.m. Deputies had locked down the bank and surrounding area as part of their investigation into the possible bank robbery.

According to a witness, Rosemont Middle School students were “everywhere” as they headed from the school to Ralphs Marketplace.

The witness, who wished to remain anonymous, said she had found herself caught in the middle of the lockdown when she was driving her vehicle from the marketplace to Rosemont Avenue. She was concerned that so many students were walking in the area close to the bank. She had heard the deputies tell the students to keep out of the area; however, there were so many and, in her opinion, the area had not been clearly cordoned off.

“I looked away for a minute and when I turned back I saw that a deputy had a [juvenile] against the wall and the [juvenile’s] face against the wall,” she said.

“While deputies were handling those calls (concerning the possible bank robbery) for service, a juvenile was not cooperating with commands,” Sauter said.

The juvenile was making it impossible for the deputies to do their job, he added. “During the arrest force was used.”

The arrest of the juvenile prompted several of the Rosemont students to yell at the officers in defense of the juvenile.

Another witness who was inside the bank when the incident happened said the bank customers and employees inside were calm but outside the middle school kids were “mobbing” the bank. She attributes the “over-reaction” and “group excitement” as contributing to the escalation of the situation.

Capt. Bill Song, CV Sheriff’s Station, has reached out to Rosemont Middle School. The incident is under investigation.

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2 Responses for “Juvenile Arrested”

  1. Alexander says:

    There are a few problems with Demery’s response.

    First, you are basing your response on the story told by your child? Did your child tell you everything? Why did the ‘polite and respectful’ kids not obey the deputies when they were first told to stay away. Verbal commands were given by several deputies, not just one.

    Second, what does the manner the Sheriff’s park their cars when responding to an emergency, have to do with the situation. I realize that a lot of patrol cars in one place piques the interest of everyone, but combined with the verbal commands of the deputies to stay back, i would think it to be a very serious situation, and one would pay attention and obey.

    Third, did your child tell you about how the ‘polite and respectful’ boy chest-bumped the deputy and mouthed off to him, or was he covering for his friend? YES, the boy actually had the nerve to chest-bump a sheriff’s deputy and insist that he had the right to walk through an area he was told to stay out of. That’s why the deputy responded.

    Fourth, what does a movie shoot have to do with the immediate response of law enforcement to a possible crime in progress? Of course the first thing a movie company will do is tape off an area to restrict access. They have the entire film shoot planned out. Do you actually think police first tape off an area, and then respond to the emergency? I could only imagine the outcry if something bad actually happened inside the bank, and the deputies were too busy politely cordoning off the area.

    And I know about the disrespect of the Rosemont parents, driving down Rosemont Avenue, who blocked the driveway on that day, making access to the bank nearly impossible until a sheriff’s car blocked Rosemont so the patrol cars could get in the driveway. The article didn’t mention that.

    You weren’t there when this happened. You are basing the entire situation on what a junior higher is telling you – protecting his friend. You didn’t see the disrespect of the kids to the deputies. These kids are a problem in the shopping center every day after school, skateboarding thru the parking lot and on the walkways, loitering in the stores, and interfering with traffic in the lot. And lets not forget to mention their behavior at the signal, pushing one another off the curb, into traffic lanes.

    Yes, this was a bad situation. The possibility of a serious crime occurring at a location that junior highers choose to loiter in, immediately after school. The response of the deputy was aggressive. So was the behavior of the kids. If I were the parent of any of those kids, I would be ashamed a deputy sheriff had to respond to such disrespect.

    I’m sorry you don’t feel safe, and that you are basing that feeling on tainted information from your child. I do feel safe.

  2. Demery says:

    An “over-reaction”? I believe anyone witnessing a 13 year old boy being put in a head-lock by a law enforcement agent and then being slammed against a wall would experience heightened emotions (in comparison to that of people inside a bank where a “silent alarm” triggered a lock-down).

    Why were kids not prevented from being near the scene to begin with? They were prevented on Wednesday from walking that direction due to a movie shoot!

    The reaction of police deputies and their use of excessive force, resulted in the arrested boy being taken, bleeding, to the hospital. Another boy was also injured by a deputy and taken to the hospital by his family. My son was one of the kids yelling in defense of his friend who he said had done nothing to provoke the police, (nothing other than what the entire group of teenagers had done, which was improperly navigate erratically parked squad cars in a narrow passage).

    My son was given repeated instructions and opportunity to remove himself from getting in trouble – he was obviously dealing with a more reasonable deputy than the individuals who physically harmed two young boys that day.

    Step one – Clearly define the area to avoid.
    Step two – TALK to any youth who are creating a perceived problem.

    I know this boy – he is a polite and respectful kid. He should not have a scratch on him (nor should the other boy, also a great kid).

    Our youth are told to respect authority and taught to turn to the police for PROTECTION. On Monday, several kids witnessed excessive force by our local police toward CHILDREN – they don’t feel safe now. I don’t feel safe either.

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