Force Used in Arrest of Uncooperative Juvenile


A juvenile was arrested this afternoon after he refused to follow instructions from a deputy.

“There was a silent alarm at the Citibank [in the 2600 block of Foothill Boulevard in the afternoon]. While deputies were handling those calls for service a juvenile was not cooperating with commands,” said Lt. Sauter, LASD, CV Sheriffs Station.

Deputies were following up on the silent alarm; the bank was in lock down at the time.

The juvenile was making it impossible for the deputies to do their job, Sauter said.

“During the arrest force was used,” he said.

The juvenile will go through the booking process and is expected to be released to his parents.

“It’s unfortunate it came to this,” Sauter added.

  • Demery

    The kids were not gathering and being dramatic over what was happening inside the bank. Rather, many witnessed excessive force toward their classmates who then ended up bloody and in the hospital thanks to the reaction of police deputies. Students stood watching and worrying about the wellbeing of their friends who are NOT trouble makers and who did NOTHING WRONG!
    This article does not explain what happened according to SEVERAL witnesses. My son will be filing a report and would very much like to talk to a reporter to give his account of what happened since he was walking right beside the kids the police detained (some of his closest friends). While my son was given repeated instructions and opportunity to remove himself from “getting in trouble”, his friends were helplessly victimized in front of him. One of the boys is now formally charged by the police (unbelievable!).
    I encourage ALL witnesses to step forward and file a report with the Sheriiff’s Dept.
    The truth will be revealed and I’m concerned how people will feel when the facts are made public. I hope folks keep in mind that not all the deputies at the scene behaved in the manner as the individuals who hurt two 13 year old boys.
    A huge herd of kids walking down after school toward the shopping center found themselves in a situation they didn’t know exactly how best to handle. How does a moment’s confusion turn into one boy placed in a head-lock and slammed against a wall by a law enforcement agent. He is a very polite boy – I know him personally. If his actions were misread by the deputy, a cool headed adult response could have prevented the entire situation from escalating.
    Our youth are being told to respect authority and they are being taught to turn to the police for PROTECTION. Unfortunately instead, several of our youth were exposed to excessive force by our local police toward CHILDREN who had to then be treated at the hospital for their injuries. Additionally, the emotional stress on these kids is immeasurable.

  • Thank you for writing. We could only talk initially to the Sheriff’s Station because we did not know any of the youth who actually witnessed the account. We are working with a local parent in contacting those youth to see if they want to talk about what happened.

  • Donna armstrong

    I witnessed this event, parked my car and got out to speak with all of the middle schoolers to try and calm them. Please make sure and get the entire story not just the sheriff positioning. There were/are so many issues with this event. I expect fairing unbiased reporting. You will hear quite a bit about this I am sure

  • Delia Lazo

    Unfortunate that this all had to happen. Officers know that there are kids walking down from a school with an overflowing amount of kids. There are cars going in and out of this parking lot and officer cars almost blocking the right side for the teens to have their parents pick them up or the kids to go into multiple stores. A reasonable action for the officer would of to pull the young man aside to talk to him. It is unreasonable for a 14 year old boy to be beat up by an officer when he wasn’t even fighting back. There is no reason for this boy to have a single scratch on him. My own child didn’t feel protected by these officers at all. Many of his fellow classmates watched him being beat up by this officer. Having this kid being thrown around was a horrible choice made from these cops.

  • Micheal Harty

    Ok I was there the police know the kids walk down he sidewalk and turn right into the parking lot to go to the various stores after school while waiting for their rides. I would like to know why they did not have a officer standing there where the kids turn right and veering them off into a different direction. Here’s what happened, the police were standing around waiting for orders, talking and joking around like usual. No problem but it is their responsibility to protect the kids if they did not want them to walk inbetween there irradically parked vehicles. The kids aren’t paying attention after school and the police were not doing there job directing them around there vehicles. Seriously grabbing that young man the way they did was mind blowing they could have asked him to move to the wall instead of shoving him into the wall and of course being teenagers they are emotional and loyal to their friends. Honestly I think the police miss handled this very badly. What was the urgency to put that boy in a head lock. The officers involved should be repremanded for their poor judgement and bullying the kids. Throwing them in the car hand cuffing them. These cops made a bad choice.

  • Leah

    I was inside the back when this happened. All the bank customers and employees were calm and unaware of anything being wrong inside. The Jr High kids were mobbing the outside of the bank, being overly dramatic and blowing the whole situation out of proportion. I think their over-reaction and the group excitement may have contributed to the escalation of things.